Hello There. I'm Marta Company, a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator born and raised in Mallorca but currently based in London, UK. I've recently graduated from Goldsmiths Uni in Design but I also have a background in Fine Arts and Publishing. I use big bold ideas, playful interactions and DIY-inspired graphics to tell stories and bring people together. I am also a pottery-thrower, a pasta-baker and a tea-addict.

I am currently looking for full-time positions in a creative agency, freelance opportunities and a good chat about design. If that's you, get in touch!

SMITHS Magazine

Head Designer


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done during my time at Wix Playground Academy

BA Fine Arts 

University of Barcelona


MA Publishing 

University Pompeu Fabra


BA Design 

Goldsmiths University


We Are Superfluous /  Arebyte HQ

(Aug. - Oct. 2020)

Publishing House Text-La Galera

Design and Image Assistant


Design Assistant

(july-sep. 2018)

Cubic Original


Graphic Design Intern

(jun-sep. 2019)

Goldsmiths CCA

Freelance Designer

(jan 2021)






Wix Playground Academy

(Jan. 2021)