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(2) Experimenting  in the space

We tried different methods of highlighting the empty cabinets and allowing other visitors to interact with them.

(3) Doing the Anti-Tour

We created a leaflet that would allow the user to navigate the museum and interact with the interventions using post-it notes.

We ran an exclusive guided Anti-tour for the staff of the Natural History Museum.

(3) Temporary tattoos

By using temporary tattoos based on the post-it notes we gathered from the Anti-Tour, we create a cyclical process that both encourages people to engage with the museum in a playful manner, but also appreciate moments that others have experienced, and literally take them home with them.

(1)  Research

When we first visited the museum,  we noticed the number of empty cabinets due to specimens being removed. We saw the empty space as an opportunity to make up whatever we wanted into it, and invite other people to do the same. 


Lead graphic design


Sophie Paul, Anitha Sriragavan, Emily Blake, Sam Ray, Gia McCallum



Ideation / participatory / graphic design


Live brief with the Natural History Museum, London.

Find alternative ways of interaction between the museum visitors and its archives.


The Anti-Tour is a self-directed guerrilla-style intervention, which asks you to speculate about an alternative present. Taking you to the museum’s empty cabinets, and imagining whatever you want into them. We are challenging the unchanging structure of the museum exhibitions by creating temporary interventions that create a participatory archive of shared fictions.

The Anti-tour


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