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Customisable presentation for teachers


Lead graphic design


Trish Scott


Ideation / branding / logo making / editorial design / presentation design / interaction design

I was approached by Goldsmiths CCA to design and brand their Educational and In-Gallery Resources for families to accompany Mohamed Bourouissa’s show HARa!!!!!!hAaaRAAAAA!!!!!hHAaA!!!.


While working with a group of BA Curation students to develop the content, I then created a series of modular publications + digital resources to be sent to teachers with a lesson plan, activities, and a series of cards to be used in the classroom.  We wanted the resources to be as fun, playful and colourful as possible. This collaboration developed in another publication destined to families to be used inside the gallery space. 

Due to the success of Mohamed Bourouissa's resources, I continued designing for Goldsmiths CCA in the project Crossing Borders, a project for schools inspired by artist Eugenio Dittborn’s 2021 current exhibition Airmail Paintings at the CCA.

Goldsmiths CCA Educational resources


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