The anti-tour

Hey anti-tourists. You are about to view the museum in a completely different way. Ever wondered about the amount of missing stuff in the museum? Where it has gone, why it has gone, what it looked like, or what could replace it? While we can’t get the answers we want we can fantasise about what could be.


The Anti-Tour is a self-directed guerrilla-style intervention, which asks you to speculate about an alternative present. Taking you to the museum’s empty spaces, and imagining whatever you want into it. We are challenging the unchanging structure of the museum exhibitions by creating temporary interventions that create a participatory archive of shared fictions.


We created a system whereby the words and drawings you create get fed back into a new museum space- A museum that is entirely fluid in its geographical placement and intrinsically ephemeral by nature- your body. By using temporary tattoos we create a cyclical process that both encourages people to engage with the museum in a playful manner, but also appreciate moments that others have experienced, and literally take them home with you.


Group project with Sophie Paul, Sam Ray, Anitha Sriragavan, Emily Blake and Gia McCallum.