It all started with a Shop. A very peculiar Shop.

When Singhsburies changed to Morrisinghs after being threatened with a lawsuit, it made it to national news. It was an unexpected move; no one embraces the fake in such an obvious way, not when threatened with legal action.


That bold and amusing move gave us an idea. Make our own counterfeit money, our own counterfeit clothes, and make sure they don't look exactly as the original. We spent hours carefully crafting these obvious copies of the most expensive brands in the world. We studied their design, their colors, their imagery and made something new, something that doesn’t look quite as ridiculously expensive, something everyone could wear without selling their house to be able to afford it.


The copies aren’t original. They aren’t really copies either. They’re something in between, a play with the alternatives possibilities of design. This is an alternative shop, a virtual one, with alternative money to get alternative prices for alternative products.


We learn through copying. It’s part of our nature. Our creations are the product of years of evolutions, each generation copying the previous one to innovate more, to make new, better designs, works of art, pieces of technology. We wanted to acknowledge that essential part of our humanity through our work, giving credit to the art of copying.


Collective project with Daphné Hamilton-Jones.