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(1) Taking inspiration from Dale's Building

The main inspiration for the branding of Dale's came from the building itself, from the metal letters to create the logo to the different shapes found in the windows to create the modular shapes that appear throughout the design. 


Graphic Designer / Art director


In collaboration with Max Gill


Art direction / typography / layout / logo design / motion / web design

DALE'S BREWERY, in big bold iron lettering on the roof, is one of the last things that this old brewery has left to remind us of its humble past. Although not a brewery anymore, this building in the heart of Cambridge is offering print workshops, antique shops, office space, and The Hot Numbers Coffee house. Mesmerised by Dale's original lettering, big windows, and diverse offering, Max Gill and I saw the potential it has to become a social hub for young people in Cambridge.


Inspired by the history of the building and its current multi-purpose functionality, we developed two branding proposals that aimed to catch everyone's attention. We took the building industrial features and modernised them, to create a branding where the old and the new meet. The result are several digital and physical branding assets, from a website and social media motion graphics, to its own beer packaging (a nod to Dale's past), in the hope to finally give this gorgeous building the attention it very much deserves. 

Dale's Brewery

BRANDING  /  2021

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