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(2) make it work for multiple platforms.

The branding needed to work for different online and print devices including a  website, an Instagram account, a youtube channel, a podcast, and a print publication. 

(3) Outcomes

For the podcast and the youtube channel, since they involved conversations around the process of our projects, we created a branding that replicated the feeling of work in progress. 

The website, social media accounts and the printed publication used the rendered shapes. 

(1) Experimenting with 3D

We started by experiment with different shapes and texture that gave the feeling of something constantly changing and moving. 


Graphic designer / Art director

3D + motion

Yena  Kim


Ideation / typography / logo design 

Graphic identity for Goldsmiths BA Design 2020 Degree show.


Within the ‘space’ that our show has migrated to we feel it was imperative to express our process and practice in both 2D and 3D realms, passing through the physical to expand on the virtual. However, as we moved to this virtual zone it was important to understand this new context and challenge what is perceived as ‘virtual’ and ‘physical’. Through the use of rendering, we aimed to create an ID that reflects the ever-changing narrative that we have been exposed to, and how we can utilise it as a valuable asset to fuel further design interventions.

Hey, Look

BRANDING  /  2020

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