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(3) Have a chat with the archives

We developed a chat Bot for every character of Lovstr using RiverScript. 

We also gave each character a different probability of liking back to make the experience as real as possible. 

(1) Ideation

We started by oberving the space and its users and we notice the great amount of young adults visitors using their phones while navigating the space. We wanted to create a playful and intimate experience with the archives that started in the visitors' phone. From speed dating to cruising, we began to explore flirting as a potential interaction with the objects. 

(2) creating the characters

We chose 12 different objects from the museum to give them quirks, personalities, and music taste based on their characteristics and relating them to protypical dating app users. 

(4) Lovstr x V&A

By introducing Lovstr into the V&A, users would be able to make connections not just across collections, but across museums, introducing the possibility of collaboration throughout Exhibition Road; escaping from segregated museum spaces and introducing an integrated, cohesive museum experience.


Lead graphic designer


Emily Blake

Chat bots + profiles + copywriting

Sophie Paul, Anitha Sriragavan, Sam Ray



UX / app design / bot coding / ideation  


Live brief with the Natural History Museum, London.

Find alternative ways of interaction between the visitors and the museum archives.


Lovstr is a dating app originated from a desire to explore the Natural History Museum through a lens of fiction and playfulness, allowing adults to re-engage with the museum space by accessing it in a different way. We’ve allowed the objects and exhibits in this museum to extend beyond the physical form and give them quirks, tastes, and attitudes. We’ve modelled the app on the idea of Tinder, with the aim of introducing flirting to a space which is usually not seen or experienced in this way.

try Lovstr HERE!

Lovstr x National History Museum

UX,UI  /  2019

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