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(1) Taking inspiration from the magazine archives

We were highly influenced by the style, size, and black and grunge white aesthetic of the 90s  magazines.


Head Designer / Art director


Tennessee Woodiel and Ivy  Doxtader


Art direction / typography / layout / logo design

SMITHS  has been the official student publication of Goldsmiths University for over a 100 years. Printed triannually but publishing articles online all year round, SMITHS offers an outlet for students to write, draw, photograph, criticise, challenge; a space to be heard.


As the head designer of  SMITHS  I had the opportunity not only to co-design the printed publications, but to to rebrand SMITHS for the first time in ten years.  With the extended history of the magazine in mind, we revisited its archived and found great inspiration in the simple but sturdy  aesthetics of the 90s. The result is a playful take on the original arial logo of the 90s magazines + a comeback to the a4 format in black and white.

SMITHS magazine


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