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(2) High-res prototypes

We developed high-resolution prototype such as bags, glove, and shoes as part of Winter/Autumn collection of the fashion brand ZAO. ZAO is an life-style brand that encourage its users to engage with their environment through the act of collecting.

(4) Outcome

The final outcome of ZAO was our Spring/Summer Collection, a suit made with the objects collected from our Winter/Autumn Collection by various users. 

The suit was presented as a visual testimony of other people experiences. However, it also presents a critique of the mindless sharing of/ ownership of information between users and brands that we have normalised when it comes to digital information, but deem strange or bizarre when it comes to physical one. 

(1)  Ideation + Experimenting

Through the question 'what if we could only learn through touch?' we started experimenting with different ways of gathering information from our environment. Also making lo-res prototypes exploring how this knowledge could be archived. 

(3) getting feedback

We run a focus group where we presented the protypes to understand how the public might interact with them. 

We also gave several bags to different users to see what they might collect from their environment. 


Lead graphic designer


Sam Ray, Shopie Paul, Jack Lowerson, Anitha Sriragavan, Emily Blake



Ideation / Art direction / graphic design /   logo / type design


Design for a ZAO (Zombie, Alien or Other). Explore the concept of otherness; identify what it is to be human, and speculate about possible alternate beings, which directly contradict this.


ZAO offer the consumer a series of artefacts to facilitate passive and active acts of collecting, such as bags, shoes, and gloves. Then, when these artefacts have reached the end of their lifespan, the brand exchanges the user's archive of collected objects for a new product, being ZAO at the end the owner of those personal archives of tactile experiences.

The final collection of ZAO is a series of plastic-made garments with the objects collected by the users trapped inside it, as a constant visual testimony of other people experiences.



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